Oakville Seniors Slow Pitch League

MAY 18 
Tuesday May 22 Game will be GE Red vs White and GW Blue vs Gold The original May 22 Game Gold vs Red and Blue vs White scheduled for double header Aug. 21

Defibrillator Instruction
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Since our May 15 game was rained out, we will play that game on May 22 and move the original May 22 game to a double header Aug. 21.

The change is made so that all teams will have competed with each other team, before changes are made for balancing teams.

The Executive is also considering some minor rule changes. Stay tuned.

There has been some discussion about having a "Buffet" style lunch at the Pipes and Taps rather than ala carte ordering. I believe the Thursday league is considering trying it, so we will wait to see the outcome before making any changes.