Oakville Seniors Slow Pitch League

Aug 13
Red- 13 - White 8 
Gold 14- Blue 12 ​ Game reports attached

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Game Report August 14, 2018
Obviously, the prayers of the Gold’s absentee manager, Rick Wilcox, were heard and miracles (the low level – not the walk on water kind) do happen!  Gold stretched its winning streak to a whopping three victories in a row with a closely contested 14-12 win over the Blues and by doing so, “sorta” climbed out of the basement to now share that honour with Team Blue.
In a hard-fought game, Blue came back from a 7-run deficit to close the gap to a single run by the 7th inning, but the Gold defence managed to snuff out late rallies highlighted by outfielder Bert Therrien making an inning ending diving catch, burying himself in the infield gravel.  After Bert’s tears subsided, stitches and medivac were considered but not needed.  In addition, on this hot morning, Ev Lucenti made a spectacular ice cream catch in right centre field.
At the plate, all Gold players managed to get on base with Lucenti, Maxie, and defensive stalwart Bill Maver, each going 4 for 4.  In addition, the drive of the game came from Vince Cicero who hit a standup triple over the left centre fielder’s head in a 4 run sixth, going three for four for the day.
While proud of his team, Manager Wilcox will again return to his worn out pew for additional prayers and divine intervention for next week’s important repeat game with Team Blue to determine 3rd and 4th place for the playoff set up.
At the start of the year the Vegas odds-makers, based on the Blues powerhouse lineup, had projected them to finish well above 500 in the OSSPL.  Sadly, even after bringing up several highly regarded rookies as the season progressed, the Blues have had as much success as a misfiring Ferrari at Le Mans. The situation is desperate. Their dwindling fan base was last seen leaving the ballpark mid-game wearing paper bags over their heads to hide their identities. Your intrepid reporter has also learned that Manager Langdon has been in touch with his financial advisor seeking advice as to how to invest the buy-out of his contract.
In what, thankfully, could be his last inspirational pre-game speech of the year, manager Langdon asked his chargers to score in more than the three innings they had registered in their previous two losses. They did oblige by scoring in five innings but alas Team Gold scored in six and led from wire-to-wire. 
Nevertheless, no-walk Larocque, celebrating what he says is his 39th birthday, kept the game close. After 8, the score was 13 to 12 for the Goldies but in the bottom of the ninth Team Blue experienced vapor lock similar to an overheated ‘49 Ford and could not start a comeback.    
The offense was led by Larry Stacey (4 for 5). Trevor Houston, Grant Chapman, Aarne Kartna and Alan Rouse each were 3 for 4 with doubles from Houston and Kartna.  
At first base, David Posen continued to record outs by stopping hard-hit line drives with his body and Larry Stacey made a spectacular catch in the outfield with his back to the plate worthy of the “Say Hey Kid”.
Congrats to all the players on The Big Red Machine. League Champions. It is particularly satisfying to win the League Championship with the near perfect attendance record we had. In all but one game, we had at least 13 players and in all but 3 games, we had either 14 or 15 players. Way to go guys. That’s what I call a TEAM.
For those of you who have, (like me) played many, many years of slo-pitch, you know it is a game of HITTING. No matter what league you play in, every team has 5 or 6 good batters which constitute the top of your batting order. You KNOW these guys are going to hit, drive in and score runs. BUT championships are not won by your first 6 batters. They are won by those batting 7 to 15. If these guys hit, you win. This year, our 7 to 15 batters collectively hit over 600 and drove in well over 100 runs. That’s a Championship team. WELL DONE, guys.
Now, having said that, our 13-8 win over the Whites on Tuesday did not adhere to that pattern. Having carried the team all year, our 5 to 13 batters decided to take the day off. They went a collective 9 for 30 and scored exactly ZERO runs. We left the top four batters, Ted Talbot (3 for 4), Ray Grisold (3 for 4), Bob (that guy again) Falconi (4 for 4), and as much as it hurts me to say this, Laurence Drew (4 for 4) to do all the work. They definitely came through, scoring all 13 runs.
The defence was excellent again, highlighted by an inning-ending, rally-killing, bases loaded double play late in the game; Rover (Glen Marshall) to home (Awadh Jaggernath) to third (Laurence Drew). Only a FANTASTIC throw by Awadh allowed this play to happen.
Next week, we will try to suck our roving reporter, Bob Falconi, into writing this report as he has been hilarious over the past two weeks.

Playing without the services of two key players, Team WHITE hung around with Team RED through most of the game.

It was a struggle for many of the WHITE's top hitters. The "ball gods" were not with us today as we managed to hit into TWO double plays late in the game each with the bases loaded. To add to those misfortunes, we did not help ourselves with some careless base running. What the WHITES learned is you can't make big mistakes when you are playing a "power hitting" team like the REDS.

Peter Bowers, Ty Crawford and Larry Pearson led the WHITES with three hits apiece.

On this day, the better team won. Team WHITE remains in second place six points behind Team RED and three points ahead of Teams BLUE and GOLD with the season quickly winding down.







Team Red                21
Team White             15
Team Blue               12
​Team Gold               12
June 12
Blue 14 - Red 13
​White 20 - Gold 11

June 5
White 13 - Red 11
Blue 23 -Gold 21

May 29
Gold 20 - White 17
Red 16 - Blue 4

May 22
Blue 13 - Gold 11
Red 16 - White 4 

White 17 - Gold 12
Red 20 - Blue 6

May 1
Red 21- Gold 8
White 15 - Blue 14

June 19
White 15 - Blue 14
Red 15 - Gold 14

June 26
Gold 18 - White 9
Red 18 - Blue 11

July 3
Gold 22 - Blue 12
Red 17 - White 13

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Blue 15 - White 14
Red 23 - Gold 14

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Blue 6 - Red 3
​White 20 - Gold 8

July 24
Red 8 - White 8
​Blue 20 - Gold 14

July 31
White 18 - Blue 13
 Gold 14 - Red 7 

August 7
Gold 19 - White 7
​Red 16 - Blue 14

August 13
Red 13 - White 8
​Gold 14 - Blue 12