Oakville Seniors Slow Pitch League

August 20
Looks like a great day for a ball game. Morning sun, afternoon rain. Games are 7 innings, 0-0 count to start bat, 12 run mercy rule after 5 innings, flip-flop rule last inning. REMINDER: PITCHERS GET BEHIND SCREEN BEFORE BALL IS HIT. MANAGERS WILL APPLY THE RULE TO REMOVE A PITCHER THAT DOES NOT COMPLY.
Good luck to all.

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2019 Schedule
        Aug. 15
Please see the following game reports as we finish up the regular season. They are copied in no particular order below. Many thanks to our great reporters during the year. For the playoffs, we will publish the results only and give our reporters the rest of the year off, but hoping you will all take up the "pen" again next year. OSSPL EXEC.

                                                                                          GOLDS 9 - Blues 6
 With first place on the line, the Blues and Golds started where they left off when the rain interrupted their game last week. Last week the Blues took the lead and the Golds tried to chip away at their lead. When the skies opened up the Blues were up by three.
This week the same thing happened. Blues jumped to the lead and teams played a tight tough game before the Golds took a one run lead in the bottom of the 5th. By the bottom of the 6th the Golds had a three run lead. Unfortunately time ran out on a very exciting game. The teams had to end the game at the top of the 7th, an inning early. Neither team felt then game was settled, however the Golds were happy to take the win and keep their hopes alive for first place. On to the second game with the Reds.

Hello fan(s) of Team Blue across Canada and Newfoundland. The regular season for has come to an end and despite a substantial overhaul in the Blue’s roster, the acquisition of several promising rookies and the late-season call up of future star Bruce Locke, they have ended the season in fourth place just like last year. Thankfully there are five teams this year otherwise the Blues would be in last place once again.
The final game had a familiar ring to it as Team Blue quickly broke on top of the Goldies and were leading 6 – 3 after three.  As the game wore on and their performance enhancing meds wore off, the Blues were unable to hold the lead. They put up zero runs in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th innings while the Golds scored 6.
The hot bats for the Blue were found in the hands of the last seven players in the Blues lineup. This group had 11 of their 17 hits with multiples coming from Bruce Locke, Ray Grisold, Bill Langdon and Brian Wunsch.        
The defensive highlight was from Rover Glen Marshall who gobbled up a sharp line drive, fell over second base to record a force out and while falling, fired a perfect throw to first to record the second out.  Shaken but not stirred, Marshall was holding court in the Blues dugout explaining how his fall was intentional just to decoy the runner going to first thinking he had an easy base.
Congrats to Team Green for winning first place.
RED 14 - GOLD 9 
On the finest weather day of the softball season, the REDS battled the GOLDS in an attempt to capture second place in the standings. Unfortunately the odds were stacked against the REDS, so as a result, the REDS appear to have finished third in the standings, losing out by a few percentage points.

The GOLD scored 5 runs in the second inning and not again until the 6th when they pushed across a run followed by another run in the seventh.

Meanwhile, the REDS scored five runs in the third inning after single runs in the 1st and 2nd innings.

The game swung the REDS way in the 5th inning as the REDS dominated with a 5 run effort.
Graeme Swift and Aarne Kartna led the way with 3 for 3 mornings. Ray Hipolito, Dick Wood and Brian Sheridan each went 3 for 4 at the plate.

Good defensive plays by the REDS outfield and strong pitching by Rick Wilkinson were the strengths of a well played Slo-Pitch game to end the regular season with the play-offs to begin Tuesday August 20th.
Maybe it was the heat or maybe the Blues took too much out of the Golds because in the game against the Reds, The Golds looked lethargic on both offence and defence. Each inning the Golds were making 5 -6 outs to get through innings. Good thing the Reds booted a few balls around too or the score may have been a mercy.

Midway though the game both teams discovered that the Greens had won their game so the Reds could not be spoilers nor could the Golds catch first place. The only thing on the line was pride.

The Golds tried to dig out of the hole they created. At times they had men on bases but timely defence by the Reds snuffed out any thoughts of a Gold comeback.

14 innings of solid pitching from Ron Berry and some good hitting from Bill Boisvenue, Vic Leonard and comeback player of the year Rolf Bjordammen couldn’t lift the Golds over the top. As Casey said;  "There would be no joy in Mudville tonight"                                                    

                                                      GREEN TEAM REIGNS SUPREME
Playing with a lineup that was thin in number but not thin on talent (or waistlines), the Green Gang (aka Gang Green) locked up first place with a 25-16 win over the Whites.
With the Whites graciously supplying a catcher, the amazing and adaptable Awadh Jaggernath moved to second base and played like an elder Roberto Alomar, scooping up grounders and tossing them gently to first base for the routine out.

During this 9 inning game the Greens scored the Mercy 5 runs a total of 3 times. Dealing out most of the damage was interim manager Max Crocker who scored 6 runs in half a dozen at bats. Roly Scagnetti scampered home 4 times on 5 hits. Dave Adams and Steve Fraczkowski combined for 7 hits and 6 runs.
When contacted at his cottage following the game, jubilant manager Jim Fenner was green with envy. Or maybe he just had too many Creme de Menthes.