Oakville Seniors Slow Pitch League

Sept. 19
I hope you all have a great winter and come back ready to play again next year. It has been great working with Larry, Laurence and Ron on the Executive these past years, and I am looking forward to playing next year, and also welcome and thank Bob Falconi who will replace me on the Executive. I will continue supporting the web site.
Please see a few attached notes under the News and Views item, and tune in again in November for any updates we have concerning 2020 following the Executive Management closing meeting.

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July 2013
In 2013 Laurence Drew initiated the possibility of developing the first ‘Canadian 69 & Over Men’s Slow Pitch League’, by opening discussions with Larry Stacey and Ev Lucenti. Through diligent deliberations and research, these three founding members quickly discovered that interest was strong and players welcomed the opportunity to continue their desire to play ball with their peers!

Subsequently, the OSSPL was born; and the tapping into the talents of ball players 69 years young and over began.

FIONN MCCOOL’S, a local Oakville restaurant was successfully approached to sponsor OSSPL. This not only provides funds to help reduce the financial impact on each player, but also afforded a pleasant environment for the team to gather after the games.

December 2013
In December four teams were introduced: Base Invaders; Career Years; Running Rogues; and Better Batters.

OSSPL’s Executive, comprising Laurence, Larry & Ev [each] managed a team to become familiar with the players and address any challenges associated with managing players at this age level. In addition to the Executive managing  the teams, OSSPL was fortunate enough to convince Don Mosely-Williams, a greatly respected and talented manager, to take on the task of becoming OSSPL’s fourth manager.

 2014 – OSSPL Official
OSSPL entered its first season in 2014, with 52 players and 4 substitutes, and ended the season with League Champions Running Rogues (Laurence Drew) and the Playoff Champions Better Batters (Don Moseley-Williams).

 2015 – New Team Names
OSSPL opened its 2015 season with new team names: Colts; Stallions; Mustangs; and Broncos.

The league lost a great manager when Ev Lucenti decided to step down as manager due to his heavy workload, but he continued with OSSPL as a great contributor and ball player.

The league was fortunate when Harvey Hewgill joined to manage the fourth team.
The 2015 season started again with 13 players per team and 5 spares.

Harvey proved his reputation as a talented leader by not only winning the League but also won the Playoff Championship (Stallions).

This is the first year for the OSSPL web site. The web site will include NEWS and VIEWS Game Reports and Standings, Schedules, and league history. We hope the site will be convenient for all of you and we welcome any suggestions for additions or deletions.

Your executive this year includes Laurence Drew, Larry Stacey and Ev Lucenti, and the Manager Team is made up of Don Moseley-Williams, Harvey Hewgill, Jim Craig and Max Crocker.

League Champions will be awarded the Jim Carey trophy, and the Playoff champs will be awarded the Harvey Hewgill Trophy.

It was truly a record year in the OSSPL when we awarded both the first place and championship trophies to the same team. The Mustangs, managed by Harvey Hewgill pulled off the double. This is the first time this has happened in the OSSPL so far. The 2017season will soon be upon us, so we will see what surprises that season will bring.


2017 commenced with a complete OSSPL Executive, comprised of Ron Berry, who replaced Larry Stacey (one of League’s founding member), Ev Lucenti and Laurence Drew.

With the addition of Bill Langdon (replacing Max Crocker) OSSPL’s Team Managers, included Harvey Hewgill, Jim Craig and Don Moseley Williams.

The weather was advantageous this year; we only encountered one rain out game and in most cases enjoyed very warm, sunny days.

As this year’s playoffs were on the horizon, our pending excitement faded when we received the devastating news that our good friend and colleague Harvey Hewgill had succumbed from a massive heart attack. OSSPL was obviously shook to its very core. Harvey was a good friend to all and a generous benefactor who loved the game of baseball. Although Harvey will be missed by all whose lives he touched, he will always be on the pitcher’s mound in our spirits.

OSSPL’s 2017 season ended with the Colts winning First Place as well as the Championship Round. Congratulations to the Colts’ manager Don Mosley Williams and his Team for an amazing season.

Jim Carey presented the Colts with the prestigious Jim Carey Award for first place, and Grant Chapman presented the Colts with the esteemed Harvey Hewgill Award for winning the Championship round.

At the conclusion of the 2017 season, OSSPL’s Executive decided to change the League’s sponsorship from Finn McCools to The Pipes & Taps; a local pub that is slightly closer to our ball diamonds.

We are all looking forward to the 2018 Ball Season; see you on the baseball field!


OSSPL’s four teams, coloured-named in 2018, and Team Managers comprised:
Red Team - Jim Craig; BlueTeam - Bill Langdon; White Team - Doug Wingrove; and Gold Team - Rick Wilcox.

As the league continued to expand we started the season with 15 players per Team and 7 spares. This of course allowed less interruptions and fewer call-ups from the spare list.

The season got underway with a flurry of wins for the Red Team; a fairly extensive lead in the standings for this Team in the early part of the schedule. It became apparent that restructuring was necessary to balance the League. The modifications made a difference, affording all Teams the structure conducive to fair wins/losses throughout the season.

At season end, the Red Team captured first place, winning the Jim Carey Trophy.
The Championship round was a different story ... the Jim Carey Trophy winners failed to make it to the Championship game.  

The Championship round was an exciting finish to the 2018 season, and ultimately won by the Blue Team who took the Harvey Hewgill Trophy.

Congratulations to the 2018 Red Team, coached by Jim Craig and the Blue Team, coached by Bill Langdon.

We all congregated at the Pipes and Taps after each Tuesday to celebrate our win or blame the coach for our loss.

Yes … it was the best of times … it was a great year!