Oakville Seniors Slow Pitch League

May 24
Well, we finally got a game in. Please see Scores and Standings. Please see News and views for important information. Bill Langdon's enlightening pre-amble to the Blue team 2019 season is available in the News and Views section.
2019 Schedule
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It is a new year! Give us time to work out some of the bugs.

We have many players on the injury list, including Ray, Rolf, Neil, Larry, and Dale, which makes team staffing and balancing hard.

Auto hit rule:
If a batted ball reaches the grass area without being caught on the fly, first base is automatic. Four players (outfielders) must be on the grass before the ball is hit, and they cannot pick up a ground ball (anywhere) to make a play to first, or assist in an out at first by relaying to an infielder. A rover is a fifth outfielder if he is on the grass before the ball is hit, and therefore cannot throw a runner out or assist in an out at first.

Any batted ball can be picked up by any defender to make a forced out at any other base.

Hope to load more relevant pics in the future.

Welcome to all from Team Blue!
Blue Team opening remarks to the 2019 season.

Hello slo-pitch fans across Canada, the United States and Newfoundland. The 2019 OSSPL season is underway. Unfortunately I have once again drawn the media pool’s short straw and have been assigned to cover Team Blue. 

As many of you will recall, the 2018 season concluded with Team Blue winning the Championship Trophy after finishing the season in last place with a 6 and 10 record. What you may not know is an investigation was launched immediately by the league’s Justice Committee into this stunning result. After several months of testimony the Committee unexpectedly shut down the investigation saying that while many members of Team Blue obviously were taking performance-enhancing drugs, these had nothing to do with improving their baseball prowess. Nevertheless, the league Executive thought it best to remove any memory of this scandal by retiring the team’s baby blue sweaters and replacing them with a royal blue version.  

After losing several key players in the off-season, Team Blue recruited three promising rookies in Ted Wierda, Steve Houston and Brian Wunch. Assistant Manager Grant Chapman would once again provide the baseball acumen behind Team Blue despite persistent interference from Manager Bill Langdon.